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The story of the P-Team is truly a modern American Dream. Everything started back in January 2008 with the preparations for a Real War Cup, hosted by the Vietcong-Friends. I (me is NUFAN) never had heard of that community before, neither did I know that Real War was just a funny game mode in Vietcong. I registered at their page right after someone had sent me a link – only to find a thread where all the people without a Team could sign up for the Cup by joining a team of public players; a Public Team.

Well, the original team mainly consisted of people I never had heard of, and some of them were Coop-only players (Teamplay Mode versus AI), who had hardly seen any human opponent before. But guess what? In the end we somehow managed to win the Cup because we did add some new players. Over the course of the weeks of the Cup I had asked Astral, a crazy guy who kicked my ass in the ESL 1on1 Funmap Ladder, to play amongst us. And he did. Moreover I had asked all of my former Clan mates from WoH (Warriors of Honor) to join the Public Team. Slowly, they replaced the Coopers. Remember that Bad Religion Song “Come Join Us”?

Eventually, after we had finished the Cup as the undefeated winner, we decided to keep the team alive. We created the very cool and innovative shorthandle “P-Team“, as well, and virtually won every match in 2008. In 2009, after the ESL and many Old-Schoolers returned to Vietcong, we proved not to be only a 2008-New-School-Kiddy-Clan, but being the best Vietcong Team remaining (after we started as being one of the worst in the first few weeks of ESL returning).
After defending the Pole Position of the Vietcong Teamplay Ladder for 159 days, we decided to move on: In January 2010 we’ve started playing Urban Terror as our second game – but it never was quite the same …
We were stuck i Vietcong, anyways, until late 2012. By the way: We also rocked CZ-VC-Ladder on ESL. Just so you know 😊

And guess what? Now, seven years later, we are back! Not as strong as ever, but still being the same old guys sticking together.


  • 1st Place  1. Vietcong-Friends RW Cup 2008
  • 1st Place  2. Vietcong-Friends RW Cup 2009
  • 1st Place  ESL Teamplay Ladder 2009, 2010
  • 1st Place  3on3 CTF Ladder 2009. 2010 (Dude, where is my M-16?)
  • 1st Place  3on3 CTF Ladder 2009. 2010 (MofD.VC)
  • 1st Place ESL Custom Map Cup 2010 (P-Team)
  • 2nd Place ESL Custom Map Cup 2010 (P-Team Die Sechs Fragezeichen)
  • 2nd Place ESL Teamplay Ladder 2010 (P-Team II)
  • 2nd place Vietcong-Friends TDM Adventsturnier 2009
  • 10 Wins In A Row ESL Teamplay Ladder 2009 (P-Team Baemsquad)
  • 20 Wins In A Row ESL Teamplay Ladder 2009 (P-Team Baemsquad)
  • 10 Wins In A Row ESL Teamplay Ladder 2009 (P-Team Indestructible)
  • 20 Wins In A Row ESL Teamplay Ladder 2009 (P-Team Indestructible)
  • 159 day on top of the  ESL Teamplay Ladder 2010 (P-Team Baemsquad)

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  • FoundedJanuary 2008
  • LanguageEnglish
  • LocationGermany

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