Official 1.60 Maps


By the time that Vietcong 1.6 was released, there was a small collection of official maps which were used in ladders and tournaments. These maps (shown on our ladder and tournament pages) helped to make Vietcong famous and became a core part Vietcong history! The same maps are now used in VIETCONG.CO ladder and tournament matches.

However, a few of these official maps are not included with the Vietcong installation and were released by Pterodon as separate downloads. They are all shown below as images – click to download each and then copy the extracted map files to your Vietcong/maps folder.

You can download them from here:

Indian Country (13.8MB)


RiverDale (19.2MB)


Three Canyons (7.65MB)


Frontier (24.8MB)