RULES (Please Read)


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    Welcome to the VIETCONG.CO forums. Anyone can create and reply to topics here.
    There are different forum boards to keep related topics together.

    Always try to:

    • Post your topics in the most relevant board
    • Give your topics an accurate title
    • Be respectful to other people’s opinions.

    Do not post any content that is:

    • Rude and insulting
    • Sexually explicit
    • Racist
    • Drug related
    • Illegal
    • Otherwise inappropriate.

    There are active admins and moderators checking for this regularly.
    If your posts do not respect these rules, they will be removed and your account will be suspended or banned.

    Note: First offence, you will get 1 warning. Second offence, your account will be suspended. Third offence, you will be banned.

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