We are a team of a few friends who played this game since its release in 2003. We spent much of our childhood playing it, training hard… winning tournaments and ladders. But sadly, we stopped playing this game for different reasons. It was mainly because of low activity. But this was mainly because there was no effective anti-cheat or updates for the game. Leagues and ladders for this game faded away but now… years later we have decided to come back to Vietcong and make it great again.

So we decided to create our own league website with our own anti cheat software called Eagle Eye. It records game play video clips and is used in ladder matches. If there are any disputes or challenges to the official result of a match, Eagle Eye recordings and replay files can be viewed by league admins to determine if any players are cheating. Anyone will be able to view Eagle Eye recordings or replay files of matches and have the chance to download them to investigate the game play.

We trust that with Eagle Eye and replay files to call on, matches will be cheat-free and players will be able to enjoy this game to its full potential again. Obviously, some cheats cannot be detected in video clips of the game play, but we have strategies that will catch any cheaters who want to try to ruin this game for others.
To be clear: hackers and cheaters are not welcome here!

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The VIETCONG.CO league welcomes all players to all ladders. We’re working hard to add more options and features to our platform whenever possible.
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