It’s been so long… but at last, Vietcong ladders are back! What are you waiting for?

create or join a team, invite your friends and rejoin the old battlegrounds. The energy, the speed, the unforgettable game play you remember awaits you!

For Solo

If you’re a lone wolf and want to go it alone, this is the place to be. Just apply to join the 1v1 ladder and start to sharpen up your solo skills!

For Teams

If you’re part of a team and want to work together with your mates to challenge other teams, this league is for you. You can join a team on the Teams page or create one in your profile.


Keep up to speed on the latest news from our community. You can catch important announcements and we are always working to improve our the website and anticheat!

Game Servers

We own the most powerful game servers in central Europe! They guarantee the best FPS possible – using INTEL i9 CPUs, 32GB RAM and SSD servers.

Register for an account, then create or join a team and play in ladders! Wanna know more?

Website admins and staff!

We are working to make this league even better and support you with any issues related Vietcong you might have.
If you require any assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us.

League founder


Domi (admin)
League Administrator

NUFAN (admin)
League Administrator


VIETCONG.CO is completely responsive which means its compatible with phones, tablets and other devices – not just computers and laptops!
This means you’ll be able to build your team, arrange your matches, comment, contact, check statuses etc… all from your own phone – even if you are at work!

YES that’s right… arrange your evening match during your daytime work hours! ENJOY!


Anyone can create a team and have full control of it. Register for an account, create your team and then invite your friends! Why not join a ladder and show off your skills!d show up your skills !

join teams

You can apply to join any team you see listed on the Teams page. But the team owner decides whether to accept you or not. It’s best to try to contact team leader before you apply to join the team. This way, you can check things that might be important to you, for example the team play style, country, language etc.. to ensure the team is a good fit for you!

  • Tournament and ladders system
  • team war system
  • Users can create and manage teams
  • Predefined page layout for teams
  • Solo ladders for challange
  • Full profile customization
  • Social Friendly league
  • Commenting system
  • Download center
  • Upload Center
  • Game and league news
  • Players in game online status.
  • Game servers online status.
  • Own Anti Cheat system
  • Tough admins
  • League with rules
  • Premium Ladders *Comes soon*
  • Servers Rental *Contact us*
  • Teamspeak 3 and Discord channels
  • Modern league design
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • Mobiles and tablets support
  • Easy to control
  • Upload service
  • Support forum


We are always here for each other – to help out with anything related to Vietcong. If you have no idea where to download Vietcong from or can’t see the server list in the game… these are common issues that have been solved already! Engage with people in the community, ask questions, visit the forums and you will find answers and maybe some friends also.

Enjoy yourself and Keep in touch – together we can make our community even bigger!